Timeline and History

Major Timeline:

Legend: BC = Before Creation AC= After Creation

  • Fifty Billion Years BC – The world was formed. The major gods were born.
  • 1347 BC – Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halfings, Orcs, and Goblins are born on the world.
  • 1330 BC – A dispute breaks out among the major gods. Sides are drawn and a war begins.
  • 1250 BC – The elven tribes unite in everlasting peace under Glenilth Thornswallow. The Herald’s Glory is born.
  • 1246 BC – The gods saw a way to use their creations against the others. War breaks out among the Alliance and the Hordes. The alliance being a pact among the clans of dwarves and the Herald’s Glory.
  • 1245 BC – The monstrous races are born into the world during a fight among the gods.
  • 1178 BC – The alliance defeats the hordes. And the gods lock the orcs and goblins under the ground cursed to remain for a thousand years.
  • 982 BC – Gruumsh persuades Kurtulmak to send the kobolds against the dwarves.
  • 978 BC – The dwarven clans are united by Thrumor Stonard during the first kobolds attack. The Silver Circle is born.
  • 0 – The first humans are created.
  • 178 AC – The first orc reaches the surface hailing the beginning of the orcs returning to the surface.
  • 465 AC – The Imperatus is established.
  • 480 AC – Gruumsh influences the life of a recently born orc in revenge on the other gods for his previously failed plans.
  • 485 AC – Ognor begins to reunite the various orc tribes through display of his unmatched strength and iron will.
  • 486 AC – Realizing that Gruumsh was behind what was going on Pelor intervened and blessed the child of a human family. John Kerry the first was born.
  • 494 AC – The first raids against the other races begin.
  • 553 AC – The gnomish clans and the halfling kingdoms are completely overrun by the orcs. The two races are enslaved and used to bolster their workforce. Many gnomes and halflings die in enslavement.
  • 578 AC – Ognor’s grip on his lieutenants waned as their numbers began to dwindled from the multi-front assaults they were doing.
  • 580 AC – John Kerry slays Ognor ending the Orc Uprising.
  • 600 AC – The Imperator, Rust Nabdron, is assassinated under murky details. Fredrick Bell is crowned the new Imperator.
  • 659 AC – Using some kind of dark magic Fredrick is able to control many of the tribe leaders left in command of the orcs. Things get nasty for anyone trying to do good in the Imperatus. Most of the religious practices are banned and followers of Pelor in specific are hunted down and executed by the new army.
  • 718 AC – The Imperatus declares war on the dwarves and elves in the west keeping them occupied with endless bodies of their new foul army. While at the same time progressing east burning towns and villages that did not surrender to them.
  • 719 AC – The Imperatus move on the Eastern Vale, burning the woods down. They seemed to be searching for something.
  • 720 AC – John Kerry the Second begins causing havoc for the Imperatus in the western cities.
  • 724 AC – The Darkmasters are revealed when they find what they were looking for in the now ruined Eastern Vale. Hordes of the undead pour from the east into towns killing everyone. Even those loyal to the Dark Masters were not spared the wrath.
  • 725 AC – Thelac is recognized as the new King. He calls on the dwarves and elves to help in the cause. Neither come to his aid. The Thelac Empire is born.
  • 725 AC – The hordes of the Dark Master cease attacking the dwarves and the elves instead moving back to the cities in the west while the fresh dead pushed in from the east.
  • 740 AC – Thelac is desperate and about to lose his fledgling kingdom already. Pelor comes to him with a vision of success and he proclaims that the gnomes and halflings should be free. Any that join his empire is given food and shelter. This act helped to turn the tide of war. The Silver Circle, under High King Bronzar Wildbeard, offers their help to the Thelac Empire once again. The Herald’s Glory still refuses to help as a whole. Though many elves do end joining as mercenaries and adventurers.
  • 759 AC – Thelac and John Kerry the Second manage to slay Magus Vrictus.
  • 780 AC – The Great Elven Exodus occurs.
  • 814 AC – The Starvation begins. Many began to blame the gods.
  • 820 AC – The dead begin to pour from the Dark Wood. The Silver Circle and the Thelac empire try to contain it at the borders.
  • 821 AC – It becomes too much and they are forced to retreat.
  • 823 AC – John Kerry the Third and his party of the worlds best heroe’s enter the Dark Wood.
  • 826 AC – No word from the Heroes, and no end in sight to the new dangers of the world. Many have begun to blame and continue to lose faith in the gods. Thelac has fallen severely ill and in his venerable age many expect him to die. With no heir to the throne many fear a power struggle.

Major Wars and Events:

Creation of the world:

Little is known but much is speculated about this event. The historians and scholars who try to explain this are heatedly argued with by the peasant and zealous followers. The one thing that is agreed upon is that the world was created empty. A blank surface like the canvas before the painter begins. and the gods themselves were created by something more powerful than anyone could imagine. Then the varying gods were set about to create the world however they liked. Populating it with forests, plains, deserts and mountains. Land, water, plants and animals. They basked in their creation enjoying it for many, many millennia. However when Moradin grew bored, which everyone eventually does, he got an idea to try something that had never been done before. He gathered some metals and gems from deep under the surface. Using his power he shaped the first dwarf and breathed life into it. That was the very first sentient creature to ever walk the planet. Amazed at what Moradin had done, the other gods began trying to create their own image of what the creature should look like. Soon Elves, Gnomes, Halfings, Orcs, and Goblins joined the Dwarves in existence. Each race with thier own features and strengths peacefully existing on the surface and under the ground.

War of the Gods:

In a dispute between whose creation was better a fight broke out amongst the major and lesser gods. The lesser gods were angry that they had been unable to create their own things. So they sided with whomever they liked the most and a war began to brew. It was actually one of the lesser gods who mentioned that the major gods could use their creations against one another. Soon the races of the world were drawn up into the war of the gods. It was one of the strongest times for magic in the world and many artifacts were created in the battles. It was also during this time many of the lesser gods found the power to create their own creatures. And thus many of the deformed and monstrous races were born. After the war the winning gods locked the orcs and goblins deep underground, cursing them to remain for a thousand years. Gruumsh and his allies were enraged but could do nothing for the time being.

The Kobold Wars:

A time of growing danger for the Dwarves as the many kobolds and monstrous creatures of the had appeared in the Deep Down had grown more aggressive with time. What many of the dwarves believed couldn’t happen did as the never ending swarm of kobolds crashed wave after wave against the dwarven defenders. In mere hours they had decimated all the dwarven defenses and were raiding the underground farms and mining operations of the various underground cities in the dwarven network of tunnels. This would strike the dwarves so deep that they would never truly recover. Most of their underground forts and cities had been lost in mere days. Gemnia and Wadow were the only ones left as hundreds of thousand of dwarven refugees bustled within and fought outside trying to cut any sort of a hope from what was quickly becoming only certain death.

It was what could only be described as a miracle when Thurmore Stonard and his band of loyal subjects appeared from the thick of battle just outside of Wadow. Dwarves still tell the tale of his insane feats of power as he wielded Stonebreaker, a mighty greathammer forged by Moradin himself. He cut through the swarm like a hot knife through butter bringing new life to the desperate dwarven ranks. Thurmore forged the Silver Circle, a treaty between the clans, and used it to bring glory and honor to the Stonard name until he passed in glorious battle. During the next seven hundred years the dwarves fought the never ending surge of kobolds slowly gaining ground once again as the Silver Circle commanded the dwarven armies. It wasn’t until 278 BC under the command of High King Edmound Urgo that the dwarves were finally able to say they had won the war. The kobolds retreated back into the Deep Down resorting back to their usual tactics of the occasional uncoordinated raiding.

The Orc Rising:

The world was still young and the fledgling races were still struggling to assert themselves in the environment. With the many monstrous races and barbaric tribes still raiding them. The emerging nations were prime targets when the varying tribes of Orcs and Goblins seem to band together and start swarming against the nations. Under the command of a particularly nasty Orc by the Ognor. They ravaged the countryside and decimated army after army of the separate nations. Eventually they completely over ran the gnome and halfling kingdoms killing many and enslaving the rest. This went on for years before fighting on so many fronts finally began to weaken the seemingly endless population of orcs and goblins. It was because of this weakness that the human nation, The Imperatus, seized opportunity and sent a party of it’s best heroes to lead an army against Ognor himself. It was the beginning of the end for the orcs as they began putting down the various chieftains striking at the command structure. Sending most of them splintering back into separate bickering tribes. Eventually John Kerry the First and his men found and put down the beast of a chieftain. The last of the horde would then follow suite of the rest and splinter up within mere months things were beginning to return to normal. With no true chieftain like Ognor the orcs returned to in-fighting and the occasional raiding.

The Dark Masters:

Some time after the initial Orc Rising, a group of dark warlocks got together and hatched a scheme with those in power of The Imperatus. Together they began to twist the culture of the humans towards darkness and placed Fredrick the Terrible in control. With his new found power and backing he reunited the orc tribes once more but this time under his banner. Another great war was brewing and it was to be between the Imperatus and everyone else. Using their new puppet king the group who became known as The Dark Masters waged war for years against the two major elven kingdoms and the dwarven kingdom. They had begun to burn the forests in the east in search of something as they plundered village after village of the elves. Burning everything to the ground as they went. During this time rumors of a rebellion began to spread. Said to be lead by John Kerry the II himself, he and his party were liberating cities across the continent. When news spread far enough and the rumors turned out to be truth. What was once just riots and rural bandits became full scale rebellion across the nation.

Birth of Thelac:

When the rebellion had pushed the Imperatus back to where they only occupied the eastern continent and a stretch of unclaimed cities lay across the west people began to look towards John Kerry to take up mantle as their new King. But he was old and foreseen his time on this world was not to be much longer. After a brief search he uncovered a man by the name of Thelac. They claimed he was the last heir to the true lineage hidden years before when the warlocks had begun their scheme. He proved to be a noble man, a righteous man and one of action in the end. Under his rule the Thelac Empire rose out of the ashes. It was not an easy road as they had no support from either the dwarves or the elves against the Dark Masters. The dwarves were still wary of the humans and had retreated underground and to the mountains once again. The elves still angry with the attacks against them refused to help. Instead aggressively defend their last forest home against any non-elf.

During the war Thelac was on the brink of losing to the seemingly ever growing army of undead, orcs, goblins, and demons that the Dark Masters seemed to control. He was desperate for allies and found them in the immigrant gnomes he kept freeing from orc work camps and villages. He promised them freedom and to help them reacquire a place of their own. To help them rebuild a nation they could once again call home. Something so many of the current gnomes had never had. It gave them hope and a reason to fight. He extended the offer to the halflings as well. With this act he had also proved to some of the dwarves that this new human empire was nothing like the old. He would receive support from both the gnomes and the dwarves giving his exhausted army a much needed bolstering. Once again help was asked of the elves, this time by all the races. And once again they refused saying that they had a more important role to be played soon.

After a long and brutal war Thelac managed to slay the leader of the dark masters, Magus Vrictus, with the help of John Kerry the III and his party of heroes. Unable to truly kill him though they secretly sealed his essence away into the very mystical amulet they had destroyed half the world for. Severing it into two pieces they gathered two of the most trusting people they could find. Giving them no information other than that they must each find a place to hide their portion and never tell a soul where it is. Those tasked with hiding these pieces away, have long since passed and anyone with knowledge of it has either died or is sworn to secrecy. Even though the rest of the world is mostly oblivious to Thelac’s secret everyone learns the nursery rhyme of Magus Vrictus. And knows it to be a name of fear. Using it as an example of how dangerous certain magics could be and how they could never let one man get that power again.

The Great Exodus:

Elves everywhere could feel it in the very magical essence that was their lifeblood. A calling, an urge to return to the wood. None would speak with anyone not of elven origin about this inner urge so little is actually known about these events. What the scholars would eventually say happened was that a true Herald was born within the elven ranks. And that his very birth called them back. In the next few months as the elves began to return he was growing at an exponential rate becoming a full fledged adult in a matter of months. This was further proof to them that he was the True Herald. And then suddenly, they were gone. No record of where they went or how but ever since they great flash in the sky they were gone. Ninety-five percent of the elven population just gone. Only those who had resisted the urge for one reason or another remained. They were slaves, adventures, mercenaries, hermits and townsfolk.

The Starvation:

A series of unimaginable droughts mixed with new plagues believed to be brought on by the disappearance of the elves. Where ever it had come from though, the priest were unable to cure it. It cause unimaginable pain as your organs began to turn to a a black ooze inside you. Slowly rotting away until they can no longer function and you die a terrible death. Farmlands were destroyed and rendered useless dustbowls, the animals died. Superstition and growing famine marked the beginning of unrest once again. Many would die from hunger and disease unable to reach a major city. While others were cast out at the first sign of sickness or left out to die when the very same cities closed the gates unwilling to open for anyone. Many would outright blame the gods for this saying that it wasn’t fair that the elves turned out to be not only immune but had mostly vanished from the world. Many lost faith and those whose faith persevered usually died from disease. Instead of allowing the few remaining elves to help their tormenting of them grew worse. Many were killed by crazed people either sick from disease or angry at life.

The Nightmares:

No one can say for sure what happened but since the day of the great flash the once mighty Great Wood began to darken. The plague grew worse and foul creatures began to roam the world. The lush forest was shriveling and dying. Becoming a rotting gnarled place of death and decay. The creatures within mutated as the plants began to turn to black ooze. It wasn’t even months before a large portion of The Great Wood had become a foul murky swamp. When the Silver Circle and the Thelac Empire could no longer contain the plague they began to venture into the Great Wood trying to find the source of this foul magic. As it could be nothing but some sort of foul magic. As usual they called upon John Kerry’s line of Paladin’s to lead some of the world’s greatest heroes of the time into what was quickly becoming called the Dark Wood. Many months would go by and the plagues would slowly get worse. More and more undead creatures would crawl from the Dark Wood. Reports of demonic creatures were starting to spread as well. But no report spoke of the return of the Heroes. It has been three years now and most of the countryside is too dangerous to travel.

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