Races and Classes

Current List of Acceptable Core Classes:


Current List of Acceptable Prestige Classes:

Arcane Archer (Half-Elves Only)
Arcane Trickster
Dragon Disciple
Dwarven Defender
Eldritch Knight
Horizon Walker
Mystic Theurge

Current List of Acceptable Races:

Humans: Mainly make up the Thelac Empire. Though they are easily the most varied of the species and can be found in any of the surface cities working for and with any of the races.

Dwarves: Most dwarves live isolated in their main city underground but there are those that live in the few villages they maintain above ground. The many clans make up the Silver Circle, which is a pact long Honored by all the major clans. It keeps them bound by a council under a High King. Their politics are deeply embedded in honor and clan titles.

Elves: The race itself was very entwined with magic and nature. Because they were beings of mostly magic themselves, every elf had some sort of magical aptitude. Those who were born without the connection were shunned and became known as Dark Elves. There are few of either kind that are left in this world. With most of them gone and the rest openly hated against by everyone they have gone into isolation or endure much for so little.

Another hardship they must endure is their lack of connection to the magic that once flowed through them. Whatever had caused the rest of them to vanish also severed the link to magic for the rest. No surviving elf can cast any degree of magic.

Gnomes: Having been enslaved for such a long period of time most have forgotten the way it used to be. They now serve as nomadic wanderers or live within the Thelac Empire. Grateful to them for freeing them, most have just assimilated with little thought of leaving. Still brilliant though most of their heritage lost to time some telling of gnomish heroism and innovation are still remembered.

Half-Elves: Scorned by true elves for diluting their blood with that of a human. And scorned by humans for the way elves have acted in the wars in the past. Adventurers or Mercenaries at best, bandit’s at their worst.

Half-Orcs: Feared by most due to their orc blood and because of the usual way they come about. These half-breed are more common than one would think with the Orc race almost coming to an extinction during the first two wars. And then having been driven underground. They are mostly mercenaries or highwaymen due to their physical appearance being rather hard to hide in most case. The few that are fortunate enough to look human aside from the large appearance tend to hide away their orcish bloodline or defend the villages that do take them in to the death.

Halflings: After being freed they pretty much followed suite with the gnomes and banded up with the Thelac Empire. Though a lot of them ended up leaving to make a home for themselves in the hilly plains. They can be as varied as human though and tend to be seen in every city or village on the surface. Pledging allegiance where their hearts lead them.

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Races and Classes

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