• Northern Mountain Cluster: Is home to many of the Mountain Dwarves and hides the entrance to their underground city.
  • Western Mountain Range: A cluster of steep and high mountains just west of the Whistling Gap and south of the Great Wood.
  • The Eastern Barrier: Runs along the northern sides of the Yutik River. There is a point where one of the largest mountains in the barrier, The Granite Cap, blocks the mighty Yutik. But the river would not yield and bore a hole under the mountain.


  • Arigae Wastes: The now barren dead landscape where the Eastern Vale once stood. There is a ruined city somewhere in its vast wastes that the Dark Masters had used as a headquarters. Now it is home to bandits and all sorts of villains.


  • Pearl Beach: Used to be entirely part of the Herald’s Glory but when the Silver Circle moved in for the luxury of fish and a sea port. Things got heated for a while.
  • Twin Snakes: These large sandbars line the southern mouth of the river. They serve as sites for some of the most violent battles between the Imperatus and the Herald’s Glory.


  • The Great Wood: All the forest on the western continent make up this.
  • Dark Wood: The name given to the woods as of recently due to the severe change most of it is undergoing.
  • Deadwood: The eastern most portion of the woods. Where most of the foul creatures are believed to originated.
  • Murkwood: A swampy dark forest that surrounds Deadwood separating it from what is now the Dark Wood.
  • Keen Glades: The southern most portion of the woods.
  • Tainted Timber: Portion of the woods above the Oaken Meadows being in close proximity to the Dead Woods it is overflowing with foul taint.
  • Oaken Meadows: They dominate the western portion of the Great Wood. Very resistant to the changes that are going on around them they have retained much of its beauty and wildlife untainted.
  • The Painted Forest:A dangerous area on the south of the Great Wood. It was taken over long ago by a mad wizard of great power. Those who enter never return but still rumors spread of lost treasures.


  • White Run: The north-eastern most stretch of plains and plateaus.
  • Whistling Gap Separating the Western and Northern mountain ranges this stretch of fertile plains is known for the faint whistling of the wind as it rushed through the valley.
  • Pocket Fields: Separates the Painted Forest from the Dark Wood.
  • The Torn Stretch: Grassy farmlands stretch out south of the Great Wood where most of the western Thelac Empire resides.
  • Edge Valley: Strip of grassland north of the Great Wood and south of Pearl Beach.
  • Bountiful Run: The fertile plains to the south of the Arigae wastes.


  • The Sheet: A frozen lake within the Northern Mountain range. There are very few days a year where it warms up enough to break through.
  • The Oasis: A large lake positioned on the edge of the Arigae Wastes and the Bountiful run. Also where New Ardwall was founded by the soldiers returning from the battle in the Wastes.
  • Stardust Falls: An ancient comet landed in the Western Mountain range.


  • Yutik River: Separates the eastern and western continents.

Thelac Empire: The human empire it is primarily made up of just that. But there is a large percentage of gnomes and halflings that make up it as well. Ever since King Thelac freed them from slavery they have been and integral part of the empire. Ever member of it is required to have decided whether or not to take the Oath of the Emperor. If they do, they are branded for life and expected to serve anywhere, and anytime in the Kings name. In return they are added to a list and paid a stipend from the treasure depending on the amount of active soldiering they did. Usually upon accepting the oath, at a young age, they are inducted into the Military and end up serving between five to ten years. There is no gender restriction both males and females must decide to take the oath. Those who do not are not shunned but are considered lower class citizens to most.

Main towns:

  • Lynmoor: A poor town just south of the Painted Forest. It serves as the western most city in the Thelac Empire and used to be a bustling trade hub for those on their way to the bigger cities from the other nations. Now it is a rather pathetic excuse for a village. Rounding out at just four homes, three shops, a blacksmith, the Tavern/Inn, and two farming fields.
  • West Haven: A trading town to the west of the Great Wood. Formed at the base of the Northern Mountain Cluster it serves as the only way humans can trade with the cities in the mountains.
  • Port Endwall: The only town in the north. Based at the end of the Yutik River and positioned near a bountiful gold and silver mine it still bustles with activity.
  • New Ardwall: Based at the edge of the Agriae Wastes it serves as the last stop before going to the wastes of the desert and as the last town taken by the Thelac empire before the Imperatus had begun burning down the surrounding woods and villages.
  • Ardwall: The capital of the Thelac Empire positioned just south of the Great Wood. With
  • Redenvale:
  • Threshold:


  • Greenview – A small, hospitable farming village in the Keen Glades, and a good place of resupply for travelers.
  • Chromand – A growing fishing village in the northwest becoming more economically important in the Empire.
  • Delniah – Although it was a rather indistinct village in the East, it has become increasingly important and populated as the military sends reinforcements and supplies through its roads.
  • Surruthis – A village primarily run by thugs and the black market, located on the roads between Ardwall and New Ardwall

The Silver Circle: The Dwarven empire. Made up of the six dwarven clans. Stonard, Muradin, Balderk, Lutgeehr, Torunn, Urgo. Forged under High King Thurmor Stonard during the start of the Kobold Wars. Since then it has existed as a council of five. Together they rule all of the dwarven clans from the city of Wadow in the Northern Mountains. Though each clan’s vote is equal it is the job of the current high king to settle tie breakers with an extra vote. Politics are brutal lately as no high king has been crowned since the death of Bronzar Wildbeard. Many are vying for the position but a vote has yet to come and the people are already in a desperate situation.

Main towns:

  • Gemnia
  • Granitesburg
  • Wadow
  • Brynmound
  • Steelia
  • Becopperlin



  • Grimen
  • Hali

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