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Welcome to Erova!

This is going to be used as a Reference site between my playing mediums. I plan on keeping it fully updated and stocked with an adventure log, all the characters we are and encounter. As well as previous a Key History sections with snippets of important things we find or do.

3.5e. Player’s Handbook One only. Custom campaign, custom setting, sourced from PHB1. Welcomes new players and veterans alike. I plan on opening up more source material as we play, so anything that you would like for me to open should be noted so I may look through and convert it. Be aware I am not against changing a rule to fit the campaign, as they are merely a structure for which us to build on.

Introduction: Hi and welcome to my campaign. I have spent a decent amount of time writing out most of this and coming up with a wonderful setting for us to be creative in. Or at least I hope I did. I’m usually pretty relaxed and tend to try and mix it up between combat and roleplaying. I highly encourage in-depth posting and roleplay. Bonus xp will definitely be handed out for that. I am going to keep our gains low though as I am planning a long term campaign. We will start from the bottom and work our way up until we have either made a serious name for your characters or well conquered the world. The possibilities will be endless but so will the consequences. Danger level is high in this campaign so I should put that out there as well.

I should also note there are already a few house rules that will become apparent as we play, or if inquired about. And there are currently two variations of this that I am running. One is a full on 3.5e DnD session and the other is a full play by post roleplay with only the guidelines placed by the DnD Mechanics for us to base things off of. Due to this fact, I hope to be able to enrich the world with actions from either group so as to have it appear both are roaming the planet at the same time. You will hear the same news, have some of the same opportunities and be able to interact with the same NPC’s. Unless one group kills them off.

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Main Page

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