Gerald "Red' Dingo

Human Fighter 1/Barbarian 1


Class and Level: Fighter 1, Barbarian 1

Equipment: Stone Greataxe, cloth pants.


Name: Gerald “Red” Dingo

Age: 27

Race: Human

Physical Description: A large and intimidating man. He stands at an impressive six foot eight and has shaggy deeply red hair. He has a scruffy full beard that looks as if it has grown wildly for years. He is often bare chested and proud of his many battle scars that flaw his otherwise seemingly perfect body. He wears a pair of brown cloth pants that have seen better days. Red is often carrying a large stone axe that seems far to large for even him to wield properly.

History: Having grown up during the desperate times that are the world now. Gerald was quickly thrown into adulthood when his town was raided by bandits and his family murdered off in defense of the village. He had been instructed to hide and when he came out most of the village was dead. He kept the house they lived in and eventually tried to make a living for himself but he could not Maybe it was the fact his parents had been murdered or that he had never really felt content with farming. Or maybe it was just the fact he was starving the Thelac’s army promised him food. Whatever the case he swore the Oath and was inducted into the military.

He served uneventfully for a time before having to be a part of the real action on the front lines with the undead and other monstrous creatures that plagued the countryside. With an astounding amount of luck he managed to survive long enough to be relieved from duty and returned to his quaint farming village seeking a life of peace. But when he arrived he was unhappy to know that the residents had long been slain and bandits were using it for an outpost. After a tussle in which he almost lost his life he left to seek out others to form a band of mercenaries or adventurers to cleanse his village and possibly even help bring some sanity back to this world.

Gerald "Red' Dingo

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